Welcome to my site!

I am fascinated with water.

From babbling brooks to crashing waves to voluminous waterfalls.

thailand waterfall

So many of my most memorable moments involve water.

Like the time that I almost died while visiting my grandmother for summer break.

I was 5 or 6 and all of the big kids were jumping off the diving board into the pool.

It looked like fun…Only the deepest water that I had ever been in at time was a bathtub.

So I still have pretty strong feelings about swimming pools.

More on who rescued me and why my mom still doesn’t know about  this little incident later…

Back to the point of this welcome post.

I’ll be sharing some of my most important water stories and what they might mean for you.

And some of my favorite videos of waterfalls and streams and oceans.

Sometimes I’ll will talk about the outside water and sometimes I’ll talk about the inside water.

Like how much you should drink.  Why all water is not the same.  Why you should drink more water than you do now.

And much more.

How living around the water all of my life has changed my perspective on so many things.

So lets start off with a little waterfall trivia…

Which one is not a official class of waterfall?

a. Punchbowl
b. Cascade
c. Plunge
d. Crashing

Where is the tallest manmade waterfall in the world?

a. South Carolina
b. Italy
c. South Africa
d.  South America

Did you know that you can actually climb up a waterfall in Jamaica?

And that the widest waterfall is 6.7 miles across the Mekong River near the Cambodia and Laos border?

1. d  2. b

So check back really soon and see my latest water adventure or what just plain ‘ol water can do for you.