The Best Thing about San Diego

Well, if you’ve read anything on this blog including my about me page, you should know that I love water.

So on a recent visit to San Diego, I set off to explore and find some water.

So do you want the  good news or the bad news first?

The veggies or the cake?

The treadmill or the stretching?

I’m a bad news bears kind of person so give me the veggies and treadmill first.

The tap water in San Diego stinks.  It is hard.  I mean really hard.  Like so many minerals that it can glue the pivoting head on a faucet if you leave it long enough.  It leaves a cloudy film on everything it touches and makes the shower glass look like crap.

I could only imagine what it was doing to my insides…

So enough of the downside.  Everybody loves San Diego right?

The weather is almost perfect almost all of the time.

It is 70 and sunny all year.

But for me that is not quite cool enough for winter and not quite warm enough for summer but it is nice break from mucky winters in the northeast and from sweaty summers in the southeast.

Oh yeah, you ready for some cake and ice cream right about now?

The city is surrounded by water.

Coronado Bridge

Not quite but it has 50 miles of shoreline. Easy.  From Carlsbad to Downtown San Diego to Chula Vista and all the way down to the Mexico border. You can drive for an hour and never lose sight of the ocean for more than a minute or two.

I call that dreamy. Fantastic.  Amazing.  Wonderful.  While I was there, I grabbed a sandwich or a burger and headed out the sit by the ocean. Mid day it is delightfully sunny and the breeze is perfect.

But if you plan to stay until sunset, take a jacket and stick some long pants in the car.  I mean the water was never warm but after the sun goes down the air gets downright brisk.

So if you are planning a trip to San Diego pack for fall and spring.  Spring in the daytime and fall in the night time.

But plan to be blown away by the miles and miles of coast line.  Check out these shots from LaJolla, Coronado and Mission Beach.  There is so much beautiful coastline and beautiful oceans.

Mission Beach Ocean

La Jolla Water

Coronado Water

Niagara Falls, Idiots and Me

Lately, my most recent vacations have revolved around seeing beautiful scenery and hanging out with the family in a cool new place.

We drove 10 hours to Niagara Falls. The Canadian side.

Boy am I glad that we made plans to stay on the Canadian sides because they have really done it right.

I mean the American side of the Falls looks like a dump compared to the other side. Eh?! WTH.

A bunch of busted looking streets and it looked like a ghost town.

But the Canadian side…I  swear I could hear marching bands and parade music once we crossed the border!

The Canadian side is perfectly designed with the tourist in mind.  There are tons of hotels very close by.  The parking is actually pretty good, especially when traveling with a family and going out early in the day.  Lots of restaurants at reasonable prices and lots of helpful tourism trade people walking around.

But I didn’t go for the putt-putt golf, I went for the water.  And it was breathtaking. The water looked so cool and crisp and clean. Not like the water in the Hudson river or the water the carpet cleaner ended up with after they cleaned my carpets. But I don’t want to gross you out so let’s get back to crisp and clean…

At different times of year, the water flows at different rates.  Heck if you can brave sub zero temps, you can see it almost completely freeze over.  And if you go in the spring, it looks like it might burst out of the walls…

But no matter what time you go, be sure to check out a few awesome things that the whole family can enjoy.

Eleven Cool Things to Do at Niagara Falls

  1. Maids of the Mist
  2. Skylon Tower
  3. Journey Behind the Falls
  4. Queen Victoria Park
  5. Clifton Hill (Including the Niagara Skywheel, Indoor Glow in the Dark Putt-Putt Golf and the Wax Museum)
  6. Whirlpool Aero Car
  7. Fallsview Indoor Water Park
  8. Horsehoe Falls and the American Falls
  9. Walk along the Rapids
  10. Niagara Fallsview Casino and Resort
  11. Fireworks over the Falls

This is just the top ten list, there is lots of other stuff to do.  I recommend paying for one of the tour bus passes so you can get a feel for all that the area has to offer.  Park once and then let the bus driver explain everything to you and save your feet.  Because you will do a lot of walking.  It is all beautifully manicured and worth the walk but after a day or two of bumping into tourist and finding out you climbed Clinton Hill again for nothing…I’m just saying – Get the bus pass.

We found a lot of cool info at this site.

But beware of the idiots that hang out all of these beautiful natural wonders.

Like the guy who wants to lean too far over the rails…

Or the thief running from the cops that jumps over the wall and plummets to his death…

And the cop who follows him over the rail and nearly dies. True story.

And these people live there.  They know that on the other side of the wall is a sheer drop of hundreds of feet to a rocky death. Idiots.

Just focus on the beauty and have some fun.  Niagara Falls has a lot to offer.


Welcome to my site!

I am fascinated with water.

From babbling brooks to crashing waves to voluminous waterfalls.

thailand waterfall

So many of my most memorable moments involve water.

Like the time that I almost died while visiting my grandmother for summer break.

I was 5 or 6 and all of the big kids were jumping off the diving board into the pool.

It looked like fun…Only the deepest water that I had ever been in at time was a bathtub.

So I still have pretty strong feelings about swimming pools.

More on who rescued me and why my mom still doesn’t know about  this little incident later…

Back to the point of this welcome post.

I’ll be sharing some of my most important water stories and what they might mean for you.

And some of my favorite videos of waterfalls and streams and oceans.

Sometimes I’ll will talk about the outside water and sometimes I’ll talk about the inside water.

Like how much you should drink.  Why all water is not the same.  Why you should drink more water than you do now.

And much more.

How living around the water all of my life has changed my perspective on so many things.

So lets start off with a little waterfall trivia…

Which one is not a official class of waterfall?

a. Punchbowl
b. Cascade
c. Plunge
d. Crashing

Where is the tallest manmade waterfall in the world?

a. South Carolina
b. Italy
c. South Africa
d.  South America

Did you know that you can actually climb up a waterfall in Jamaica?

And that the widest waterfall is 6.7 miles across the Mekong River near the Cambodia and Laos border?

1. d  2. b

So check back really soon and see my latest water adventure or what just plain ‘ol water can do for you.